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Regional Granny Gathering

When: Saturday May 9th 2015 10:30 am to 4pm

Where: Brechin Church, Nanaimo

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The BC Islands Grandmother Campaign's Regional Gathering drew about 60 grannies. These women came together to connect, communicate and re-affirm purpose.

Attending on behalf of the Glacier Grannies were Bette A, Kate C, Gail E, Lys M, Dianne W and Joanne Reid.

The formal part of the day began with Paxie (Elizabeth V) welcoming us.  

  • Paxie read a letter from Graham at the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
  • She noted that Yasmin at SLF is the current coordinator for BC Islands.
  • Paxie is our out-going regional liaison, and Kate C is our in-coming liaison.
  • Elsie W gave a report from the Regional Liaison Meeting which she attended recently in Toronto.

 Next, we watched the amazing African Tribunal movie.

  • After the movie, Ida Mukuka, a field worked with the SLF, spoke to the audience and answered questions.
  • Ida told her personal story...."I do this for my brother".

Over a delicious lunch each table discussed a topic of interest, with the Glacier Grannies spreading out to cover all topics.  The topics covered included:

  • The Tribunal Film  and how to spread the word about the SLF
  • Use of electronic media
  • Suggestions for celebrating the upcoming 10th year anniversary of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campagin

The feature presentation was given by Ida:

  • She updated us on progress for the Grandmothers in Africa and gave many examples of the difference the campaign has made to so many people.  
  • Accompanied by slides, her stories warmed our hearts.  
  • Working as a field worker since 2005, Ida visits every group in her zone every year.
  • She checks that women are involved in the leadership of these groups, that the group is effective in the community, and that finances are going to projects for which they are intended.  
  • She is the “eyes on the ground” for the Foundation.  
  • She told stories of how improved housing for grandmothers has brought pride and self-esteem to those women. Many appear younger as the annual visits occur.
  • Another important project is skills training for youth.  
  • Ida ended her talk by reminding us that the crisis of AIDS is not over.  Anti-viral drugs have stopped the symptoms and lowered the death rates. If the drugs are stopped, the symptoms will come back and the illness will continue to spread.

After her talk, Ida was presented with a felted owl made by the Grannies as a souvenir - "A Wise Owl for a Wise Woman".

All in all, the Gathering was an informative, fun and affirming event.   Close

Barbara Coloroso Speaks about Bullying

When: Saturday April 11th 7pm

Where: Stan Hagen Theatre, North Island College.

Book Cover of "The Bully, the Bullied and the 'not-so-innocent' Bystander

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Leading Parenting Educator Provided Practical Advice on Parenting

Barbara Coloroso, one of the world's best known and most trusted parenting educators spoke to a crowd of over 100 people at this thought provoking event.

She spoke about how to teach children to make their own choices and the need for parents to raise them to speak up if they see someone being treated with contempt.

Her guidance on how to deal with bullying was valuable, and we appreciate the effort she made to be in our community.

Funds Raised Benefit the Stephen Lewis Foundation

The proceeds from this event, including ticket sales, refreshment profits and a percentage of book sales went to the Glacier Grannies for the SLF.

More information on Barbara Coloroso

For the past 38 years Barbara Coloroso has been an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on parenting, teaching, school discipline, positive school climate, bullying, grieving, nonviolent conflict resolution and restorative justice.

She is also an international bestselling author.

Visit her website Kids are Worth It

Images from the event:


African Dinner April 12th

When: Sunday, April 12th, 2015 at 5.00pm

Where: Native Sons Hall Upper Grand Hall, Courtenay

Event Image:

African Dinner 2015 Barbara Coloroso and Mason Walker

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The sold out 2015 African Dinner was held April 12th and it was a great evening!

Guests arrived to the sound of drumming and found the hall transformed by African decorations. Many took the opportunity to have some fun and wear a colourful head scarf. The range of Silent Auction items had something to interest everyone.  

The highlight of the evening was the delicious meal prepared by the Merville Grand Mothers - what  a team!

A huge thank you to the guests and to our many sponsors. While the accounting is still underway, it looks like we will be able to contribute about $9,000 to the SLF from this event.

Many thanks also go to the more than 50 volunteers involved with this event.

Thanks to our sponsor, Mason Walker of Remax Realty

Images from the event:

Delicious Dinner Amazing Chefs African Dinner 2015 Keen Volunteer African Dinner 2015 Table Centre Pieces African Dinner 2015 Waitress Prep Close

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