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Gail Lobban

Gayle has been quilting for about 30 years.   Read more

Her whimsical style usually involves machine piecing combined with the texture of hand quilting, hand appliqué, embroidery, buttons and beads.

Cumberland, BC

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Joyce McLellan

Joyce was born and raised in North Vancouver but later moved to Ontario with her husband where they raised three children. When she retired Joyce came to Vancouver Island.

She has always been fascinated by her First Nations culture: art, myth, and legends.   Read more

She has explored many art forms over the years, oils, watercolours, folk painting, drawing, scraper art, doll making, sewing clothes, fabric dyeing, stained glass, jewelry making and many other needle and hobby crafts, before discovering quilting the year she retired.

Since moving to Qualicum Bay in 2000, she has concentrated on quilting, doll making, painting and some dyeing. 

Qualicum, BC

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Pippa Moore

Pippa is a quilter whose heart became irrevocably entwined with the women of southern Africa, and in particular, the widows and grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.   Read more

She works with a group of widows in Southern Uganda, teaching them sewing and quilting so the small income they derive from their work can “turn the tide” on their own lives and the lives of their families. 

Comox, BC

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Judy Morningstar

Judy Morningstar is a fabric artist who lives on a farm near Goodlands in Southwestern Manitoba.

Her work has been exhibited in national and international competitions and exhibitions.  She has taught quilting workshops for groups in national and international competitions and exhibitions.  She has taught quilting workshops for groups in every province of Canada: always encouraging and facilitating creativity and innovation.   Read more

She and Dianne Jansson, friend and quilter from Pritchard, BC, developed the Canadian Quilt Judge Certification program for the Canadian Quilter's Association, and Judy received the Canadian Quilt Teach of the Year award in 2006 from the Canadian Quilters Association.

In 2009, she was awarded the Dorothy McMurdie Award for outstanding contributions to Canadian quilt making. 

Goodlands, MB

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Helen O'Brien

Helen is a fabric artist who lives up Sechelt Inlet on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Her earliest memory of using a needle and thread is when she was very young and her mother let her string buttons together.   Read more

She began quilting in 2001 and freestyle quilting in 2003. 

Sechelt, BC

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Elizabeth O'Hea

When Elizabeth was a child, her parents fostered her interest in fine art by taking her to all the great art galleries in Europe.  She studied fine art as her main subject at teacher's college, where she majored in art history, drawing and painting.   Read more

Elizabeth’s love of textile art started when her children were small and it continued to develop throughout her adult working life.

She is recently retired and has discovered the Grannies å Gogo organization, of which she is an enthusiastic member.

She is thrilled to be able to put her modest, creative efforts to good use by contributing to the, “Turning the Tide…one ripple at a time”, art project. 

Delta, BC

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