The Grandmothers Campaign is an initiative of theStephen Lewis Foundation.

In 2007 a group of women from the Comox Valley was inspired by their African sisters who had risen so willingly to the challenge of bringing up their grandchildren, after their own children had died from HIV & AIDS. Since then, the Glacier Grannies have raised over $530,000 dollars for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Learn more about us here.

We raise money through special events, and by creating and selling a wide variety of crafts. At the same time we form lasting friendships with each other, and share fun and laughter.

A grandmother and granddaughter embrace: Kenya - Pendeza Africa South Africa - Grandmothers against poverty, HIV and Aids Smiling grandmothers: Uganda - PEFO Grandmothers celebrate: Uganda - PEFO Grandmother and grandchild: South Africa - GAPA
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Grandmother and grandchild: South Africa - GAPA

Grandmothers celebrate: Uganda - PEFO

Smiling grandmothers Uganda - PEFO

South Africa - Grandmothers against poverty, HIV and Aids

A grandmother and granddaughter embrace: Kenya - Pendeza Africa

The Grandmothers of Sub-Saharan Africa are a resilient and heroic group of women. After caring for their own children as they died in the HIV & AIDS pandemic, they have taken on the role of raising their orphaned grandchildren, caring for their physical and emotional needs, and putting them through school. As they grow in self-confidence, they have become pivotal members of their communities, participating in income-generating programs and leading the fight against HIV & AIDS: teaching prevention, supporting those living with the condition, and battling the stigma that still surrounds the disease. Grandmothers have also become advocates for change, fighting for their human rights and those of their families. Through grassroots community-based organizations, The Grandmothers Campaign supports them every step of the way.

As many grandchildren grow older, some are joining with other youth to become leaders in programs to support young people living with HIV & AIDS. In 2017, teenage girls were the largest group to become infected.

Canadian grandmothers have pledged not to rest until their African sisters can rest!

The Stephen Lewis Foundation tells us that “as COVID-19 spreads across sub-Saharan Africa, the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s community-based partners are best placed to protect and support the most vulnerable populations. People affected by HIV and AIDS are particularly at risk, and must not disproportionately suffer the impacts of COVID-19”. To learn more, please click here.


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 Upcoming Meetings 2021/2022 

Monday, November 29, 2021 at 1:30 PM

Monday, January 24, 2022 at 1:30 PM

We are returning to in-person meetings at Comox United Church, 250 Beach Avenue. In order to keep everyone safe, we will be asking that attendees show proof of vaccination, and wear a mask.

Swags and Table Decorations

We are selling Christmas swags ($25) and table decorations ($15). They can be ordered by emailing Francine, with payment being made by cash or cheque.

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Virtual Stride to Turn the Tide

May 1-June 30, 2021

We have just completed our 2021 Stride, which commemorated one of the largest fundraising projects undertaken by the Glacier Grannies in our entire history. The “Turning the Tide….one ripple at a time”

Sisters by Maria Box

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Take your empties to Return-It and donate the proceeds to the Glacier Grannies. Courtenay:#619, cvglaciergrannies. Comox; #420, glaciergrannies.

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“We are the backbones of our communities. We form the core of community-based care. With our love and commitment we protect and nurture our orphan grandchildren. Africa cannot survive without us.”  -  African Grandmothers in the 2010 Manzini Statement