The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign is an initiative of theStephen Lewis Foundation.

One Goal at a Time

Textile Art for Africa - One Gift at a Time

Title:  Reaching Her Full Potential

A young African mother enjoys a quiet moment with her newborn baby girl. Just as we have done with our newborns, she counts her daughter's fingers and toes, snuggles up to that delicious newborn scent, and falls in love with the tiny new arrival.

But keeping this baby healthy and getting her educated will be a much different story. If she is lucky, she will not die from water-borne disease or malnutrition.

If she is lucky, she will have a uniform and the necessary school fees for a primary education.

If she is very fortunate, she will have a secondary education.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every child born on our planet had an equal opportunity for the basics in life?

Artist:  Maria Box

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Aids angels dolls

AIDS Angels - $10

Individually handcrafted by a group of Glacier Grannies, these beautiful Angels are a wonderful keepsake or gift. 

Each Angel comes with a personalized name card which explains the work of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign.