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Textile Art

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Stall at Downtown Courtenay Market Day

Saturday, July 16th from 9am –7pm    Read more

Event Image: Felting display at Lunar Galleries


We had a wonderful full day at the 5th Street Market in downtown Courtenay, with setting up starting well before opening. Closed to vehicles, 5th Street was bustling with people of all ages from Cliffe Avenue right up to Fitzgerald Avenue, with vendors lining both sides of the pedestrianized street. We made just over $540.00. Many thanks to all who participated.   Close

Central Island Artisan’s Studio Tour:

Lunar Reflections Gallery

May 29th, 2016.    Read more

Event Image: Felting display at Lunar Galleries


Friend of the Glacier Grannies, Diane Huddle, invited us to join her at her beautiful gallery for the Sunday of the Central Island Artisans’ Studio Tour. Maybeth H, Gillian F and Joanne R, set up a small display of our felting products and welcomed visitors to the gallery. We had a great day chatting with folk from all around the world. It was a very good awareness-raising opportunity for us. Diane and her husband, Brian, were delightful hosts and we so enjoyed the beautiful views of Baynes Sound and the lovely artwork of the studio.   Close

Art and Bloom Festival

When: May 21 to 23, 2016

Where:  Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens.

Description:    Read more

On May 21 to 23, 2016, the Glacier Grannies had the opportunity to showcase, promote and sell their beautiful handmade crafts as part of the Art and Bloom Festival at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens. $1,059.45 was raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens are recognized as world-class informal gardens, and showcase an extensive and beautiful rhododendron collection. Thank you to Bryan Zimmerman for sharing this serene, natural setting with artists and attendees.   Close

Travel Africa Open House at Square One Travel

When: May 1st, 2016

Where: Square One Travel.    Read more

Event Image: Glacier Grannies greet visitors at Travel Africa

Travel Africa


The Glacier Grannies were invited to share information about the Stephen Lewis Foundation at the above event. Joanne Reid made a short presentation about the Foundation and the Glacier Grannies, and further information was also available at a table. $30 was collected in donations.   Close

Glacier Grannies and Dawn to Dawn

On April 30th, 2016, several Glacier Grannies volunteered to act as waitresses for a fundraising dinner organized by Dawn to Dawn, a local non-profit society that provides transitional housing in the Comox Valley. We were delighted to help at this worthwhile event, and were given a donation of $300 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We will be asked to return next year!    Read more

Event Image: Glacier Grannies receive instructions from the catering co-ordinator for the Dawn-to-Dawn fundraising dinner

Dawn_to_Dawn   Close

The Annual African dinner

The 5th annual African dinner was held at the Filberg Centre in Courtenay on April 17th. $10,478 was raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, credited half and half between the Glacier Grannies and the Merville Grand Mothers.    Read more

Event Image:


Guests were greeted by the sound of the Drumbuds - African drumming and singing. The Merville Grand Mothers cooked an amazing 4 course meal, which was served by Glacier Grannies.

Barb Taylor as MC introduced the Bucks for Bugs challenge just before packages of dried and flavoured insects were delivered to each table by our waitresses. Each table was invited to find a volunteer who would sample the bugs for a price bribe or reward with all proceeds going to the Foundation. The table which raised the most money was first in the buffet line. This challenge raised over $1100.

Janine Reid, from Vancouver’s Royal City Gogos, presented a short video about the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign and gave a moving and informative speech. She reminded us why we had gathered for the evening, why we were encouraged to bid generously on the silent auction or make a donation and the difference our support makes. To read her presentation, click here.

We are grateful to Mason Walker, of Re/max Ocean Pacific Realty, for his support as our major sponsor for the event, and the many businesses and farmers who donated gift certificates for the silent auction or food for the dinner.

Images from the event:

  • Dinner 1Dinner 6
    The DrumBuds
  • Dinner 2Dinner 2
    GG African Dinner 2016 #2
  • Dinner 3Dinner 3
    GG African Dinner 2016 #3
  • Dinner 4Dinner 4
    GG African Dinner 2016 #4
  • Dinner 5Dinner 5
    GG African Dinner 2016 #5
  • Dinner 6Dinner 1
    GG African Dinner 2016 #6
  • Dinner 7Dinner 7
    GG African Dinner 2016 #7
  • Dinner 8Dinner 8
    GG African Dinner 2016 #8
  • Dinner 9Dinner 9
    GG African Dinner 2016 #9
  • Dinner 10Dinner 10
    GG African Dinner 2016 #10
  • Dinner 11Dinner 11
    Dianne & Joanne
  • Dinner 12Dinner 12
    GG African Dinner 2016 #12
  • Dinner 13Dinner 13
    GG African Dinner 2016 #13
  • Dinner 14Dinner 14
    GG African Dinner 2016 #14

  • Dinner 16Dinner 16
  • Dinner 17Dinner 17
    GG African Dinner 2016 #17

  • Dinner 18Dinner 18
    GG African Dinner 2016 #18
  • Dinner 19Dinner 19
    GG African Dinner 2016 #19
  • Dinner 20Dinner 20
    GG African Dinner 2016 #20
  • Dinner 21Dinner 21
    GG African Dinner 2016 #21
  • Dinner 22Dinner 22
    GG African Dinner 2016 #22
  • Dinner 23Dinner 23
    GG African Dinner 2016 #23
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Bridge Luncheon

When: Saturday, February 20

Where:  Lion’s Den, Comox

Description:    Read more

Seven Glacier Grannies prepared a lunch consisting of four kinds of sandwiches and six delicious kinds of dessert squares for sixty-five hungry bridge players. Their work raised $521.27 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Thank you to Jack Bradshaw, and the other Lion’s Den bridge players, for giving us this opportunity.   Close

World Community Film Festival

When: February 6th

Where: Filberg Centre.    Read more


We were honoured to be part of the 25th Annual World Community Film Festival. It was wonderful exposure for the Glacier Grannies, as it was attended by people concerned with world events. Craft sales raised $142.

World Community is a Comox Valley-based organisation, established in 1990. They are a community of advocates working to foster a greater awareness of the social, economic and environmental consequences of human activity at both the local and global levels.

Thank you to organizers Janet Fairbanks and Wayne Bradley for putting on the Festival, and inviting us to participate.   Close

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