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Kazuri Jewelry Sale 2012

When: Sunday Nov 4th, 2012, 1:30-3:30pm

Where: d'Esterre House, 1801 Beaufort Avenue, Comox, BC

Event Image:

Carolyn selling crafts at Merville

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Kazuri Jewelry is handmade by Kenyan women from local clay.  The tiny ceramic jewlery and beads are painstakingly shaped, polished, fired, painted and fired again. The result is KAZURI, the Swahili word for "small and beautiful".

Highlights of the Sale

Despite wet rainy weather our 2012 Kazuri sale was a smashing success.  A line-up had formed when the doors opened at 1:30pm and it was non-stop shoppers until a small lull around 2:40pm.  By this time much of the jewellery had been purchased and selection was limited.  We were all wishing for more inventory to sell!

However, we also had a fine display of Glacier Granny crafts also for sale, plus refreshments available and many people enjoyed both.

More than $4,000 was raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundataion!  This included:

  • $2,301 in jewellery
  • $ 436 from the kitchen
  • $1,446 from crafts

We know this money will make a difference in many lives and want to thank all the shoppers for their support.


Thank you to the Comox Valley Seniors Association (d'Esterre House for the use of their beautiful facilities.

Also thanks to the many Grannies who contributed to this event. Whether it was set-up /tear-down, displaying and selling the jewellery, taking payment, cooking desserts in advance, serving and cleaning up in the kitchen or selling crafts, we worked together like a well-oiled machine.  It was great teamwork and fun to be part of.  Congratulations everyone!

Reference Materials

PDF Download - Kazuri Jewelry Sale Poster

Visit Kazuri America for more information and photos of this beautfiul jewellery.


Benin Moonwalk Kazuri Jewelry Bridgetown Old Oak Kazuri Jewelry Charleston Firefly Kazuri Jewelry Jazzy Ozone Kazuri Jewelry Pita Pat Kazuri Jewelry Porini Outerspce Kazuri Jewelry Pebbles Kazuri Jewelry Jazzy Kazuri Jewelry


"Life Above All" Film Screening

When:  Sunday March 11th, 2pm

Where: Home of Gayle M

Event Image

2013 Plant Sale

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Thank you Gayle M. for hosting an afternoon of viewing this film  based on the book Chanda's Secrets, by the acclaimed Canadian author and playwright, Allan Stratton. 

The screenplay was written by Dennis Foon of Vancouver and the film was shot in South Africa.  It is a heartwrenching story of a teenage girl dealing with family loss from HIV / AIDS and a community that ostracizes those with the disease.

After, we talked about some of the tough issues that made Chandra's decisions so difficult and amazing in one so young; also how the SLF is addressing these issues through the projects we support.

This screening raised $102 to be sent to SLF.

The film is available on DVD and can be rented from Comox Videos'n More,264 Anderton Road.

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Allan Stratton's biography

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Good Words for Africa Scrabble Benefit

When: Sunday, February 26, 2012, 1-4:30pm

Where:  d'Esterre House, 1801 Beaufort Avenue, Comox, B.C.

Event Image: 

The "Long and Short of It" Scrabble Team, 2012

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This fun 'tournament' was well attended (60 players + 20 volunteers) and raised $1922.81 that goes to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation's projects in Africa.

Organizers and participants alike loved donning costumes, which made the event very fun.  

Photo:  Kate M, Marj H, Lynn R and Sylvia G playing Scrabble as the "Long and Short of It" team. 

Lynn and Marj are 5'7" tall and have long pants andsleeves and hats.  Kate and Sylvia are 5' tall and have short pants and sleeves and flat hats.  What a creative group!


  • to d'Esterre House for the use of their games room
  • to the following businesses and individuals who provided prizes:

Art Knapps, Outback Nursery, Midland Tools, Home Depot , South Hollow, Edible Island, Kitchen Door, Tim Horton’s, Zocalas, Common Ground, Cody & Company, Lavish Salon, Somatics Plus, Olga Beuzer, Marianne Muir, Francine Nantais, and Kate and Lynn Robinson.

  • to all the volunteers who provided yummy refreshments, set up their own and Glacier Granny crafts, worked the re-gifting table
  • to our intrepid Glacier Grannies' co-chair Maybeth who appeared as famous author Lucy Maud Montgomery then morphed into Margaret Atwood, linking their words to the lives of African girls and grandmothers
  • a special thanks to Mudshark’s, who donated and delivered a one-hundred cup urn of coffee
  • to everyone who showed up in costume, you made the day even more fun!

Photos below from left to right:

  • Glacier Granny as gypsy selling oil for words
  • Glacier Granny as "Maxine"
  • Kate C as cowboy
  • Maybeth H in costume as Margaret Atwood

Images from the event:

Granny in Costume at 2012 Scrabble Tournament Granny in Costume as "Maxine" Kate as a Cowboy at 2012 Scrabble Tournament Maybeth as Margaret Atwood, Scrabble Tournament 2012    Close

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