The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign is an initiative of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Past Events 2016:

Making and Selling Christmas Swags

When: Dec. 3, 10 and 11

Where: Comox Mall, Driftwood Mall and Comox United Church   Read more

As in the past, Glacier Grannies came together to make Christmas door swags. This year our creations were made in a Glacier Granny’s husband’s workshop, and many Grannies contributed by dropping off lovely holly and festive greenery gathered from their properties and the forest. The swags were stored outside in a soon-to-be under construction chicken coop.

Thank you to Jane Sigurdson for hosting us, and to Claire Donovan for writing an article for the local paper. This resulted in many swags being sold at the Comox Mall on December 3 - thank you to the Grannies who made emergency runs to the chicken coop to replenish stock. Sales were slower at the Driftwood Mall the following week, due to a snow storm, but members of Comox United Church were happy to buy those that remained.

Thank you to the managers of the Comox and Driftwood Malls, and Comox United Church congregation. The total raised was $1552.


Campbell River Fair Trade World Craft Fair

When: Dec. 3

Where: Timberline High School   

We spent a very busy day here with great sales, including 52 angels and a few Christmas swags - the majority of the swags were on sale in Comox. We were very happy with the amount raised of $1437.20.

Flash Mob for World AIDS Day

When: December 1

Where:  Outside Scotia Bank in Courtenay, and in the Comox Mall   Read more

To mark World AIDS Day, an enthusiastic group of Glacier Grannies and Merville Grand Mothers performed two flash mob dances to the song “Sisters are Doing it For Themselves” sung by the Eurythmics with Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox. The song symbolizes the resiliency of African grandmothers, but also stresses that they should not have to do everything alone: We need to continue to support their work through the community-based organizations that assist them.

The dancers performed with energy, passion and joy! The event was videoed and will be sent to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to be part of a compilation of about 40 videos from Grandmother Groups across Canada. The result will be shared on social media.

A big thank you to Lynn Robinson’s grandson, Austin Morgan, who provided the music, James Taylor and Kate Morgan who videoed the event, Yvonne and Ron Racine who took still photographs, Claire Donovan who wrote articles for the local papers, and Virginia Philipson who distributed World AIDS Day cards to the public.

Images from the event:

Meeting With Ida Mukuka And Carrie Chun

When: Sunday, November 27

Where: White Spot Restaurant

Members of Glacier Grannies, Merville Grand Mothers and a Campbell River granny met in Courtenay for lunch with Ida Mukuka, a consultant for the Stephen Lewis Foundation living in Zambia, and Carrie Chun, an SLF Regional Coordinator.

   Read more

Ida shared stories of her experiences with African grandmothers as she visits many of the Stephen Lewis Foundation supported projects. Carrie passed on news of what is happening in the Foundation office and her experiences with Canadian grandmothers.

Much of what is happening is so much more hopeful than 10 years ago, but there is still work to be done. Thank you to all who turned out to give Carrie and Ida a lovely warm welcome to the Comox Valley.

Images from the event:

Cumberland Winterfaire

When: Saturday, November 26

Where: Cumberland Recreational Institute

We had a busy day selling all our crafts in Cumberland. Despite the rain, there was a good turnout of shoppers looking for Christmas treasures. The amount raised was $638.00.

Fiesta World Craft Bazaar

When: Saturday, November 19 and Sunday November 20

Where: Florence Filberg Centre

Description:  The Glacier Grannies had 5 tables on the lower floor of the Centre.Read more

It was a huge privilege to sell our crafts along with 40 other local and global organizations with their fair trade products from Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

Saturday bustled with energetic buyers, while the very rainy Sunday was quieter. Sales reflected the number of shoppers:

Saturday raised over $2225.20, while Sunday was a more modest $976.50, for a total of $3201.70.


Foggy Mountain Fall Fair - October 1

Description:      Read more

Rain and more rain was the order of the day, so at 8am we were very happy to find that the fair had been moved indoors to the upper floor of the Cumberland Museum. There was no need to set up the canopy and worry about ‘sides’ to keep out the rain. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, but there were not as many shoppers as we had hoped. Our volunteers were kept happy with home baking nearby and coffee downstairs.

Thank you to all those grannies who helped out on our tables. We had a total of $173.00 in sales.

Event Image:



Cyclist Lunch, September 9


On a sunny Friday afternoon the Glacier Grannies cheered and hosted 30 cyclists and their support team for lunch in a beautiful beachside garden. The cyclists, aged 55 to 74, were taking part in a 275 kilometer three-day ride from Campbell River to Victoria, raising funds for Grandmothers in Africa.

Kerry Weins and Joanne Weins organized a delicious lunch at Bette Axani's home in Union Bay. Joanne Reid welcomed the courageous cyclists while Kate Clark was our cheerful cashier. Ann Vessey of GLAD (Denman Island) brought over tasty snacks in homemade lunch bags for further nourishment along the way.

   Read more

Many other Glacier Grannies assisted in getting the cyclists and their support team fed and back on their journey down island. Tina Filippino led a singing round to see them back on the trail. Maxine Bowen and Cathy Nelson from Courtenay and Sally Gellard of Merville proudly represented our area.

Please feel free to continue to donate to the cyclists at Victoria Grandmothers for Africa.

The lunch raised $335.33 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Images from the event:

  • lunch1Lunch1
    A lovely setting
  • lunch2Lunch2
    An excellent lunch
  • lunch6Lunch6
    Wonderfull comradery
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Artisan Festival at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens - September 3-5


We had beautiful weather on Saturday and Sunday, with the threat of rain holding off until Monday. With concerns of wet weather, we were very relieved to have the kind and generous offer of Diane Stigter’s full tent to use over the weekend, along with our own canopy with its new home-made sides (courtesy of Joanne Reid).

   Read more and view our video

This meant we didn’t have to move tables under the one roof with sides every night, and could leave things well set-up for the next day. Set-up on Friday afternoon went smoothly bar a missing roof to one of the tents, but all worked out well in the end. Our Granny volunteers came out to help sell with enthusiasm.

Many thanks to all who participated.

The final amount for the weekend sales was $1178.00, with Saturday making $484, Sunday $526, and Monday $168 (the weather had changed).

Images from the event:

  • artisan1_thumbartisan1
  • artisan2_thumbartisan2

  • Close     Video by Sienna

Bike Rally Lunch

When: Friday September 11th 2015

Where: Anderton Ave. opposite the Filberg Centre.    Read more

Event Image:


In brilliant sunshine Dianne Wade Co Chair of the Glacier Grannies welcomed the Grandmother Riders for lunch in the shade under the riverside trees,commending them for their enthusiasm and endurance.
During the lunch we were entertained by a group of nine Grandmothers from Japan,singing and playing music on a flute sounding wooden triangular instrument .We all then joined together to sing one of our favorite songs" We Shall Not Rest"

After sandwiches of egg,fresh salmon, ham and cheese along with veggie plates fruit and honey peanut little rolls all were refreshed to carry on this first day of three to Qualichum as their goal on the way to Victoria.

Lynn Erskine displayed the Rosemary Brown Award that the Grandmother Groups  of BC were awarded in 2010 for their efforts to help The African Grandmothers.She also thanked the Glacioer Grannies and presented us with a cheque for $250.00 which will go with funds raised for by guest lunches to Stephen Lewis Foundation a total of approximately $300.

Images from the event:


Downtown Courtenay Evening Market

When: Thursday, July 16th

Where: 5th Street between England and Fitzgerald from 5 - 8 pm.    Read more

Event Image:


Downtown Courtenay Evening Market

When: 18th June, 2015

Where: Downtown Courtenay. England Ave.    Read more


Glacier Grannies just attended the Downtown Courtenay Evening Market and sold $314.  We set up in the pouring rain, debated whether to put the crafts out, decided to and it was busy the whole time.  Then we took down in the pouring rain.  Hopefully everything gets to dry out at Gails.

We sold 11 Worry Dolls, 9 Angels, 2 Snap Happies, 7 Necklaces, 2 Wine Glass Tags, an Apron and a Large Bunny (new item) plus felting - 2 Owls, a cariboo and a sheep.  Very successful evening.

A big thanks to Dianne Wade, Maybeth Hoagland and Linda Cheu for helping out.


Blue Moon Winery Art Exhibit

When: June 2015, every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12-5pm

Where: Blue Moon Winery, 4905 Darcy Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1R5

Glacier Granny Art at Blue Moon Winery

Description:    Read more

Throughout June 2015 Glacier Granny felted art was exhibited at the Blue Moon winery and farm.

The exhibit featured wall hangings and whimisical animals that appeal to all ages and budgets.

All items were for sale with funds going to the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.

Glacier Grannies Felted Art is Inspired by a Lifelong Artist

A serendipitous meeting between members of the Glacier Grannies and the daughter of 97 year old artist Joyce Jay (aka Jake) has developed into a wonderful win/win relationship.

This amazing Comox resident has been painting, carving, and making felted art pieces throughout her life.

A group of Glacier Grannies have been meeting weekly for two years to create an array of felted products - inspired by the active participation of Jake!

Sunday June 21 1-4pm: Wine Tasting and Meet the Artists

A special event was held on this date that included:

  • wine tasting
  • appetizers
  • a demonstration of felting by Glacier Granny artists

PDF - Download the Press Release for this event

More information on Blue Moon Winery and Farm


Images from the event: 

Joyce Jay aka "Jake" Felted Wall Hanging Felted Artwork on Display at Blue Moon Winery Felted Artwork on Display at Blue Moon Winery   Close

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Aids angels dolls

AIDS Angels - $10

Individually handcrafted by a group of Glacier Grannies, these beautiful Angels are a wonderful keepsake or gift. 

Each Angel comes with a personalized name card which explains the work of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign.

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AIDS Angels - $10

Help relieve the suffering from HIV/AIDS today and donate to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Aids angels dolls

Individually handcrafted by a group of Glacier Grannies, these beautiful Angels are a wonderful keepsake or gift.

Each Angel comes with a personalized name card which explains the work of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign.

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